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Alternative Service Experience

The mission of the Alternative Service Experience program at Appalachian State University is to provide learning opportunities by engaging in meaningful service and dialogue.

Alternative Service Experience (ASE) programs provide students with an opportunity to serve, learn, explore, and make a difference in the community on a local, national, or global level during their breaks from school.

The goals of the ASE program are to:

  • Enact positive change
  • Empower student leaders
  • Educate on social justice issues
  • Encourage active citizenship

ASE programs vary in focus, length and cost, but all provide the same components of service, learning, exploration and the opportunity for transformational learning experiences. Check out our 4 pillars of ASE for more specifics.

Basic Facts

  • Each ASE is led by two Peer Leaders (undergraduate students) and one Learning Partner (faculty/staff member).
  • Alternative Service Experience Programs are drug and alcohol free.
  • All ASEs adhere to the 8 Components (opens in a new tab) of a Quality Alternative Break.
  • As of 2011 all ASE programs work to offset their carbon footprint, with eventual goals of ASE being completely carbon neutral.
  • Appalachian State is a proud member of Break Away (opens in a new tab), the Alternative Break Connection, Inc., a non-profit organization that supports the development of quality alternative break programs.