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2023 Spring Domestic Experiences

Spring 2023 Programs

Seaside Sustainability

For a week, the Seaside Sustainability program will be giving back to the Earth by volunteering with the Nature Conservancy. We will be cleaning up and preserving the beautiful beaches as well as the animal habitats of Nags Head Woods Preserve! Nags Head Woods was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1974, and protecting its unique habitats was one of the Conservancy’s first priorities in North Carolina.

Peer Leaders: Amanda Halbert, Claire Spake

Outdoor Opportunities

Learn and serve at Camp Evergreen, a non-profit, family camp that provides deserving children with a wilderness camp experience in the great outdoors. Actively participate in indirect service in hopes to create a better environment for children, teens, and camp staff. If you like summer camp, this program is for you!

Peer Leaders: Angela Jeffords, Fransisco Alcaraz Figueroa

The Elephant Sanctuary

Join us as we volunteer at the nations largest natural habitat refuge for retired elephants. We will be working to help paint walls, gather food, and other exciting hands-on services. You will get first-hand experience learning about captive and wild elephants!

Peer Leaders: David French, Olivia Rice

Restoration & Exploration at the Coast

Come join us as we care for and explore a 66,306-acre wildlife refuge. This coastal park is part of the National Fish and Wildlife Service and encompasses a few of our crucial barrier islands. Our program allows students to be part of the work that goes into preserving wildlife refuges, which play a key role in our environment.

Peer Leaders: Devin Axtell, Lucy Huddleston

Youth Outreach

Work alongside Murphy-Harpst, an independent not-for-profit organization committed to meeting the needs of abused and neglected young people through residential treatment, placements in specialized foster care, and community programs that serve at-risk youth and their families. They're committed to servicing all children regardless of sex, race, color, or creed, and whose needs can be addressed and treated within the scope of program services.

Peer Leaders: Anastasia Austin, Nick Presley