Spring Break Domestic Programs: Animals

Adoption Advocates

Do you consider yourself an animal lover? From working with abandoned dogs to sustaining the facilities and lending a helping hand, you will be sure to have a spring break of a lifetime at Horse Creek.

Peer Leaders: Sarah Hamilton & Claire Wood


Caring for Big Cats

Lions, tigers, and leopards- oh my! Spend the week volunteering with large, unique cats at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center. Having over 230 big cats at the center, there is no doubt you will have a blast this spring break learning about these creatures and the incredible organization.

Peer Leaders: Rachel Brown & Vanessa Arellano


The Elephant Sanctuary

Join us as we volunteer at the nation's largest natural habitat refuge for endangered elephants.  We will be working to help build fences, paint walls, and other exciting hands-on service.  No, you can't ride the elephants, but you can help make their home a better place to live!

Peer Leaders: Anastasia Swanson-Boyd & Hannah Garcia-Tisthammer


Farm Animal Friends

Love animals? Interested in learning more about the relationship between animals and our food supply? At Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary you will spend your week helping formerly abused and abandoned animals adjust to their happier home. Grab your overalls and join us on the farm! 

Peer Leaders: Alex Dillard & Ashley Thomasson

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