Spring 2021


Engage in new ASE programs this year, offering hybrid local ASE programs each month that will feature a combination of virtual and in-person services!


Civil Rights of the 21st Century (February 21-25th)


Join us as we engage educationally, virtually, and hands-on, learning about privilege and oppression, increasing the awareness of our own personal identities, and exploring allyship and active citizenship as a way to move forward in the work for justice. Participants will gain knowledge and skills to understand their social positioning and engage in activism within their communities. We will hold virtual meetings at night to reflect and connect with your peers!

Peer Leaders: Jillyan Baskins & Ivasun Carter


Project on Aging (March 15th)

Join us as we serve alongside Watauga County’s Project on Aging, the focal point for aging services, encouraging independence and promoting wellness by providing supportive services to the County's older adults. This program will include educational, virtual, and hands-on opportunities as we learn practices to oppose ageism and support older adults in our communities!

Diverse Abilities (March 29th)

Join us as we explore diverse abilities within our communities. Serving alongside the National Ability Center, Exceptional Care for Children, and Be My Eyes, this program offers virtual opportunities to learn and reflect on topics of disability and barriers that exist in our community!


Green Spaces (April 19th)

Join us as we engage educationally, virtually, and hands-on, learning about the importance of ecology within a community, environmental justice and protection, accessibility of public green spaces, and more! Participants will gain knowledge and skills to advocate for environmental protection and accessibility within their communities!



Service for Peace (Virtual: Feb. 17th-Apr. 7th | Wednesday Weekly)

Are you interested in learning more about water empowerment and community-driven development? OR having an opportunity for cultural exchange with a non-profit in the Dominican Republic?? OR how about meeting an awesome new group of people that you get to connect with?! You can do ALL of these things with our new Alternative Service Experience (ASE): Service For Peace!!

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ASE Programs provide students with an opportunity to serve, learn, explore, and make a difference in the community on a local, national, and global level. This ASE program is partnering with Service for Peace (Servicio Para la Paz), a   non-profit in the Dominican Republic, to bring YOU an 8-week virtual program (meeting weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm) to learn about community-driven development and much more! This program will begin the week of February 17th and end April 7th.

If you have any questions, please email Allison Montgomery (montgomeryao@appstate.edu) or Kaitlyn Sorensen (sorensenkr@appstate.edu) for more information!

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