March 3-10, 2018

iASE Programs occuring over Spring Break allow you the opportunity to explore and serve alongside an international community. Programs vary in cost but provide the same components of service, learning, and exploration that you find on the other alternative service experience programs. 

  • Interested students should plan to attend Lottery on Monday, November 6 at 9pm in Table Rock Room (201B PSU). Be sure to check out the Lottery page for more instructions. 
  • Estimated cost - between $1,350 - $2,000 (includes airfaire, housing, food, and in-country transportation)
  • All students participating in iASE must read the Appalachian Overseas Education Program Handbook (pdf)
  • All iASE Spring programs are 1 credit hour International Service-Learning courses
  • 4 pre-travel and 1 post-travel classes required, as well as in-country reflections and assignments

2018 Programs:

Reimagining Rainforests: Sustainable Agroforestry and Community Development
Rancho Dolores, Belize

The goal of the program in Belize is to gain an understanding and hands-on experience with issues in agroforestry, rainforest preservation, and culture in Belize. We will learn about the Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve through our work maintaining the forest and bamboo growths within it. Participants will also learn about responsible economic development from the organization while observing their sustainable forestry and business model selling the bamboo they harvest and make into furniture.  

  • Program Fee - $1575
  • Peer Leaders: Jen Kern & Blake Poppen
  • Learning Partner: Dr. Mark Bradbury

Sustainable Service: Conservation, Organic Farming, and Ecotourism
Mastatal, Costa Rica

Work & stay on a sustainable farm, Villas Mastatal, located in the heart of the Costa Rican forest. Through farm work, volunteerism with locals, & ecotours, participants will learn about the importance of sustainable development and lifestyle and different aspects of Costa Rican culture. Includes a tour of a chocolate farm, La Iguana.

  • Program Fee - $1575
  • Peer Leaders: Sarah Mathis & Denby Holloman
  • Learning Partner: Dr. Brent James

Constructing Connections: Cross-Cultural Connections and Community Development
El Cidral, Dominican Republic

This program will be traveling to El Cidral, Dominican Republic where students will be working with an organization called Service for Peace. While in El Cidral, the group will be working in a local elementary school where students will work alongside the community to further the development of the town. Students will leave Dominican Republic with a first hand experience of the cycle of poverty and how it affects communities. 

  • Program Fee - $1850
  • Peer Leaders: Sam Reis & Kayla Sloan
  • Learning Partner: Dr. Adam Hege

Language Learning: English Language Resources and Community Outreach
Pinas, Ecuador

Serving in a small community with close Appalachian ties, this program will provide an English camp for both young children and high school students. Participants will also have an opportunity to help in other areas of the community, such as by working in the community's newly created English language library.

  • Program Fee - $1680
  • Peer Leaders: Guadalupe Rosales & Morgan Epperly
  • Learning Partner: Dr. Catherine Fountain

Engaging Education: Collaborating with Community to Enhance Educational Experiences
Granada, Nicaragua

We will be working in the community of Granada, Nicaragua, with La Esperanza Granada. Student volunteers will work with children in a variety of activities that stimulate an interest in learning while also working on light maintenance projects that will better the daily lives of the children.

  • Program Fee: $1680
  • Peer Leaders: Anna Rawls & Amelia Bass
  • Learning Partner: Dr. Greg McClure

Environmental Enrichment: Rainforest Management and Sustainable Development
Puerto Rico**

Come join us for an adventure in the beautiful rain forests of Puerto Rico. Las Casas de la Selva Rain Forest Enrichment Project consists of 1000 acres of spectacular rainforest land in the central highlands of Puerto Rico. The project's mission is to research and demonstrate the economic use of rain forest land using methods that do not destroy the forest ecology. Come and learn about sustainable economic development that exists alongside the sustainable management of tropical forests. 

  • Program Fee: $1250
  • Peer Leaders: Molly Campell & Caroline Piephoff
  • Learning Partner: Mike Waters


*Deposits and payments made for programs are non-refundable.

**This program does not receive course credit.

***Appalachian State University reserves the right to cancel or alter the program format or to change costs due to conditions beyond the University’s control.

****Credit hours earned through ASE will count in ASU's tuition surcharge calculation for attempted hours. All credit hours attempted at Appalachian during the fall/spring semesters do count towards the 140 limit for tuition surcharge. 

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