Spring Break Domestic Programs: Environment

Below are sample ASE programs. Stay tuned for more details on ASEs taking place in the 2017-2018 academic year. 

Growing-Up Green

Want to work on an urban farm? Come join us at Jones Valley Urban Farm, where you will learn and engage in sustainable farming.  By the end of the week you will know how to plant and grow leafy greens, potatoes, onions, peppers and much more!

Peer Leaders: Jason Radulovich and Megann Southworth


Seaside Sustainability

Spend your spring break giving back to the Earth by volunteering at a Nature Conservancy. You will be cleaning up and preserving the beautiful beaches as well as the animal habitats of the Outer Banks.  We will be spending our free afternoon on the beach after visiting historical landmarks and lighthouses!

Peer Leaders: Vicky Anderson and Hung Ta


Coastal Conservation 

Splash into spring break! This ASE program is thrilled to be discovering service among underwater animals and coastal habitats. Volunteer alongside some of the ocean's most interesting and beautiful creatures, while learning ways to preserve the environment. Educate yourself about marine biology, while working with the Marine Discovery Center.

Peer Leaders: Hannah Davis and Jalyn Degraffenreid


Protecting our Parks 

Join us on an adventure working in a unique coastal habitat. Service will include week-long projects throughout the 562 acres. Projects may include rebuilding, painting, carpentry and much more. Join in their efforts to prepare for a beautiful season; with a focus on natural history, birding, and bay ecology.

Peer Leaders: Cherokee Ducker and Georgia Golden


Wildlife Refuge at the Coast 

Come join us as we care for and explore a 66,306-acre wildlife refuge.  This coastal park encompasses a few of our crucial barrier islands.  Our program provides the opportunity for volunteers to understand the impact that barrier islands hold towards our natural environment.  While learning, which creatures call our coastal ecosystem home.  This coastal wildlife refuge will have volunteers practicing coastal conservation, while becoming educated on our wildlife refuge.    

Peer Leaders: Naomi Ruchugo and Collin Shepard

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